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Jacaranda Animal Hospital understands that your pet is an integral part of your family and want to keep your pet happy and healthy so they are with you as long as possible. As a full service animal hospital we offer the following client services:

Feline Friendly Scheduling: Feline friendly scheduling available to help our feline friends have a less stressful experience

Surgical: Providing elective as well as emergency/trauma surgery

Anesthesia: Anesthesia tailored to meet the needs of each patient

Radiology: Providing orthopedic and soft tissue diagnostic capabilities

Ultrasonography: Providing the most sensitive soft tissue imaging and diagnostic techniques

Laboratory: Providing in-house testing as well as independent medical laboratory and pathological references

Dental: Ultrasonic dental scaling and preventative dental care

Pharmacy: In-house dispensing for most of your pharmaceutical needs

Pain Management: Controlling pain for all surgeries and orthopedic problems

Nutritional Counseling: Staff educated in counseling owners on their pets nutritional needs

Emergency Care: Dr. Garner offers on-call service after hours to help with your pet's after hour emergency care

Boarding and Hospitalized Patient Visitation: Facilities air conditioned and heated providing spacious runs for dogs and cages for cats and allowing time to visit your hospitalized pet in times of medical need

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