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Covid-19 Update

At Jacaranda Animal Hospital, it is our priority to try to keep people and pets healthy. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, we are taking appropriate precautions to address the outbreak by following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our current approach and response to COVID-19 are outlined below.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is caused by a member of the coronavirus family, and it first appeared in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. Symptoms of COVID-19 can include fever, runny nose, cough and breathing trouble. While most people experience mild symptoms, some may develop more severe symptoms, which can be fatal.

COVID-19 is believed to be spread only person to person, which means that infection can occur through close contact with infected individuals. Although it is believed that COVID-19 is most contagious when an infected individual is most symptomatic, an individual may still contagious without exhibiting any symptoms.

Prevention Tips

According to the CDC, the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to avoid it. Jacaranda Animal Hospital team members are doing our part by practicing good hygiene at work and at home:

  • Regularly wash hands for at least 20 seconds throughout the day with warm water and soap, specifically before eating. This is done more frequently than normal.

  • Covering coughs and sneezes

  • Avoiding making close contact with others, such as shaking hands. Additionally everyone should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

  • We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces (countertops, keyboards, doorknobs, faucets and stethoscopes).

  • You will be informed if you were in contact with a team member that becomes diagnosed with COVID-19

To help you remain healthy, we encourage you to use hand sanitizer at the front desk of the office. We have limited amounts of sanitizing supplies and will continue to restock as we are able. For additional guidance on maintaining your health, see the CDC's webpage on prevention and treatment.

Your Personal Health

If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, you should self-quarantine or seek medical attention as stated by the CDC. Please refrain from entering our offices if:

  • You have a fever, cough, or are sneezing or

  • You have flu-like symptoms or

  • You have exposure to people or locations with documented COVID-19 cases in the past three weeks.

What Does COVID-19 mean for my pet?

Your pet is not at risk for being infected with COVID-19. The CDC has reported no COVID-19 cases in pets in the USA. The Hong Kong weak positive dog case has no symptoms and the test cannot distinguish samples with intact viruses from fragments of the RNA. It is possible that dogs, like all objects, may be a location to find the virus. For example, "The World Health Organization is encouraging the use of digital payment options because the COVID-19 virus is thought to survive on hard surfaces like coins for days." Other sources say, "Infectious disease experts in human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets can spread COVID-19 to other animals, including humans."

Do not abandon your pets out of fear of contracting COVID-19 from them or infecting them with COVID-19. Practice basic hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water after handling or walking your pets. If you'd like to take extra precaution, you can wipe down your pets with disposable baby wipes after their walks. Contact us if you need further advice.

Should our office be forced to temporarily close as an absolute worst case, we will always have someone able to come in to take care of boarding and/or hospitalized pets.

What should I do to prepare for my pet's care?

We know that some of you may end up quarantined or stuck at home sick. We still want to help you the best we can. Some choices are as follows:

  • Identify another person who is willing and able to transport your pet to our office. With notice, we will meet them in the parking lot.

  • We request that you arrive on time for your appointments. Not early or late. This will limit the number of people waiting in the office at any time. If you can not arrive on time call our office because we may have to schedule you at a later time-frame.

  • Owners can also arrange to have needed food and medications delivered to your door by utilizing our online store found on our website, Simply click on Shop Our Store, place your order, and we will approve all current diets and medications.

  • We are trying to keep up with the demand of increased purchasing of pet food and medications and we are trying our very best to have what you need.

Given this is a rapidly developing situation, we will continue to monitor developments and update our course of action as new information becomes available through the CDC. We know it's a stressful time, but please believe that your pets are safe and that you are safe around your pets. If you have any more questions, we're here to help!

If You Are Here For An Appointment: You may enter with your pet. Masks are optional.

If You Are Purchasing or Picking Up Medication: All medications, products and foods will still be picked up inside but, we request, that all clients call in their refills prior to coming in so staff has time to prepare your order.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Stay Healthy,

Jacaranda Animal Hospital

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